Monday, September 29, 2008

Larry's Getting Larger....

So, Mike likes to take my belly and shake me while saying "Larry's getting larger" makes me laugh, so I have a feeling this will continue until "Larry" comes out. I told him he should be saying Lilo is getting larger....(Lilo is a nickname Juliana came up with for Lily/Logan).

Anyway, Larry IS getting larger, here I am at 20 weeks:

I had to go to FL this weekend for class and we went to Disney. While we were there my friend Brian got this for Baby Woodgett, he also got one for his baby which is due any day now!!! (I look huge in this picture, but please remember that is a little onsie! lol)

We ended up registering for most of our stuff yesterday and before we went I assured Mike we would be quick since I had an idea of what we needed. Yeah, I was wrong. The first product took us 10 minutes to look over and decide on! We ended up asking mom's in the store what works best because we realized we were completely clueless. I mean, we couldn't even figure out if we should go with Pampers or Huggies...and when we asked a mother which she used, she said 7th Generation....we didn't even know about those!!!!

It wasn't all was actually fun for Mike and I to pick stuff out that our baby will be using. It made everything much more real! We can't wait for Lilo to get here!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

19 Weeks....Soooooo Big!

We had our 19 week sonogram today and the baby is getting bigger. We were told our baby was a normal size and not big...yet! :) My mom came down and got to see Baby Woodgett with us. The baby is getting bigger and is not swimming around like he/she used to because he/she doesn't have as much room. Here are pictures of Baby Woodgett at 19 weeks: (in the second photo the baby is sucking his/her thumb I think) :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Moving and Shaking

This week I finally felt the baby moving around. I was sitting in a marketing session discussing Loyola’s new marketing plan and all of a sudden it happen…and consistently. I looked over at my friend Margaret and told her I thought I could feel kicks. Sure enough, I’ve been feeling them ever since. I had felt things here and there, but nothing consistent. (I wonder if this means baby Wood will be interested in Marketing!)

I love being in meetings and feeling him/her kicking away because no one in the room knows what I’m feeling right then and it’s like the baby and I are having our own private moment. I can’t wait for Mike to be able to feel the baby kicking too. We are really looking forward to it!

Our next appointment is Tuesday for our 19 week sonogram/ultra sound........whatever I am supposed to be calling it! My mom is coming up and after we are going crib hunting. We’ll post pictures next week so you can see how big the baby is. Of course, they will only be head shots since we aren’t finding out the sex. :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

18 week belly

Well, in the past two weeks my belly has grown. So we took some belly pictures. Here I am at 18 weeks...Baby Woodgett is growing!

I still haven't gained any weight, but I think after the past week that will change very soon!
We have our 19 week sonogram on Tuesday, we'll be posting pictures soon!!!

13 Weeks

Here is baby Woodgett at 13 weeks! Getting bigger! :)