Thursday, September 18, 2008

18 week belly

Well, in the past two weeks my belly has grown. So we took some belly pictures. Here I am at 18 weeks...Baby Woodgett is growing!

I still haven't gained any weight, but I think after the past week that will change very soon!
We have our 19 week sonogram on Tuesday, we'll be posting pictures soon!!!

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Marcie said...

You didn't tell me you have a blog!!! Look at you all with child and everything! Adorable. I was scrolling from the bottom up and LIvija just saw the pic from the neck down and she said, "I want to see his head". LOL. She requests that if that baby in there is a girl you name her Karlina. Karlina Woodgett. It's a Latvian name, but I have NO idea where she got it from. LOL.