Friday, November 7, 2008

Belly Pics

Okay, so I am a horrible mother already because we have sonogram pictures and I haven't had time to scan them. In the meantime, Mike took belly pictures and sent them to me, so I thought I'd post them. Sonogram pictures of baby wood are on the way too....
Lilo's getting larger! I look super sleepy here.

My first baby, Stella, looking at my belly and wondering what's growing in there.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Getting closer.....

It's been a while since I've updated this blog, so I thought I'd get my act together and write. We are almost at 6 months and in our 3rd's amazing how time is flying. This morning Mike and I laid in bed and he felt Baby Wood kicking away. He/she becomes more active every day!

Today we had our seventh sonogram! We had to go back numerous times because they baby is pretty active and they can't get the shots they need. It's been fun for us because we get to see the baby pretty often. Today was great because we went to a new place and they were really friendly and explained to us everything we were seeing. The baby is 1 pound and 9 oz. now! Heart rate was 139. We got to see the baby's lips and nose, that was my favorite part because until now they haven't really been very defined. I'll post pictures later so everyone can see, although the pictures aren't great.

So, everything is going great for us. We are getting excited, but also a little nervous that we still have so much to do! :)

Nikki got her tickets to come out and visit from February 26 - March 4, so she'll be just in time to see the baby. If I still haven't given birth at that point, I'll be going crazy!!!! lol

I'll post pictures this week both of the baby and my growing belly!