Friday, December 5, 2008

Maryland Shower

Gretchen and Juliana put together a very nice shower for me on 11/23. There was a brunch theme with a lot of yummy food. I was so thankful to have my MD friends and family over to celebrate baby Wood with us. Here are pictures from the day.

The Cake!

My mom got me a subscription to Working Mother Magazine!

Mom, Heather and I


Schoen and I

Julie and I

More mimosas....

Suzie gave me a Christmas bag so I could reuse it, so sustainable....

Heather and I

Heather and Suzie realizing they were meant to be friends.....

My fabu mom and I

Suzie and I


Amy F. and I

The twins meeting baby Wood....again

Diaper cute!

Guess how old Jen is in pictures....

Noelle and I
Amy B./F. and I (she'll always be Amy B. to me)

Ellie and I napping

I hate this picture of me, it looks like I am crazy....BUT....this is my favorite outfit we received. My mom got us clothes for a girl and for a boy, how cute is this? If we have a boy I may save this incase we have a girl in the future! :)