Tuesday, September 23, 2008

19 Weeks....Soooooo Big!

We had our 19 week sonogram today and the baby is getting bigger. We were told our baby was a normal size and not big...yet! :) My mom came down and got to see Baby Woodgett with us. The baby is getting bigger and is not swimming around like he/she used to because he/she doesn't have as much room. Here are pictures of Baby Woodgett at 19 weeks: (in the second photo the baby is sucking his/her thumb I think) :)


Anonymous said...

So excited, could you please find out the sex, PPPLLEEAASSEEEEE! julia

Anonymous said...

I think Baby Woodgett is sucking his/her toes!
It was so exciting watching the baby move. Remember, when Jen & Heather were in utero we didn't have sonograms - we didn't even have TV - or cars - or fire!!!
:>) Grandmom G.

Marcie said...

Aww. She has your thumb.

disclaimer: I will say she until I am proved otherwise. Keep in mind though with a 50/50 chance I am wrong 100% of the time.

The Woodgetts said...

Mom, let's not forget running water and the fact that you had to walk to the hospital in three feet of snow in March AND April to deliver us! :)I don't know how you did it, you're a saint!

Julia, since you said please, then yes, we will find out. :)

Marcie, I noticed that "she" had my thumb too, but didn't want to say anything. I'm so glad you noticed! :)