Friday, December 5, 2008

Maryland Shower

Gretchen and Juliana put together a very nice shower for me on 11/23. There was a brunch theme with a lot of yummy food. I was so thankful to have my MD friends and family over to celebrate baby Wood with us. Here are pictures from the day.

The Cake!

My mom got me a subscription to Working Mother Magazine!

Mom, Heather and I


Schoen and I

Julie and I

More mimosas....

Suzie gave me a Christmas bag so I could reuse it, so sustainable....

Heather and I

Heather and Suzie realizing they were meant to be friends.....

My fabu mom and I

Suzie and I


Amy F. and I

The twins meeting baby Wood....again

Diaper cute!

Guess how old Jen is in pictures....

Noelle and I
Amy B./F. and I (she'll always be Amy B. to me)

Ellie and I napping

I hate this picture of me, it looks like I am crazy....BUT....this is my favorite outfit we received. My mom got us clothes for a girl and for a boy, how cute is this? If we have a boy I may save this incase we have a girl in the future! :)


Marcie said...

Hey Jen! Looks like an awesome shower.
Is that your house? Is Gretchen having twins? Will you reuse the Christmas bag? All this suspense is killing me. Ok, maybe not the last one.
I hope you got everything you need! The day is quickly approaching. Where has the time gone?

The Woodgetts said...

You are so funny, yes, I do plan to use the Christmas bag. :) Also, it is our house and Gretch is having twins! She is planning on having them March 9, but she might get moved up.

As for time, I have no idea, it's crazy! When I hit 30 weeks on Saturday I think it really hit me that we're close!!!!