Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We're having a baby Woodgett....

We found out that we are having a baby and thought we'd start a blog to keep track of our little one's life. As most of you know we've been trying to make a little Woodgett for some time now and we couldn't be happier that we are going to be parents. (Um, yeah, that's scary!)
We had our first sonogram at 6 weeks where the sonogramist (I may be making up that word) saw our baby's heartbeat and I cried hysterically. The baby was literally a spec on the screen, I still have no idea how she found him/her, but I was so thankful.

Our second sonogram was at 7 weeks and we couldn't believe how much the baby had grown. It was an actual "blob" now, not just a spec. He/she was the size of a blueberry at the time, it was pretty exciting. Here is our first real photo of Baby Woodgett our little blueberry:

(We've learned to scan since these)

Our third sonogram was at 10 weeks. We were able to see the baby kicking his/her legs and moving his/her arms. It was amazing. I once again cried hysterically. For some reason when we were walking out of the place I had a little break down. I think I get nervous before sonograms, so I was relieved! Here are pictures of Baby Woodgett now the size of a grape:

I am in my 12th week and feeling good. The baby is about the size of a lime! We have an appointment tomorrow to hear the baby's heartbeat, we can't wait. More to come on baby Woodgett...............

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